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I can’t sleep and my head is rambling all over the place. Trying to finalize my set list for Friday. Thoughts all over the place with that too. I feel like eating something. Probably only because I’m bored. I hate this.

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Sometimes I get ready to write things on here and I’m like “naaah, maybe I shouldn’t” because well it’s the internet. Even if you delete it, it’s here forever, I don’t know who’s following me and I don’t know who can stumble upon my page. But I feel like sharing things with you all sometimes. It’s like we have a weird silent non-judgement bond. Like I’m talking to myself. But I’m not……

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  • We talked through some feelings last night. We were up until like 3:30 joking around. I felt better afterwards.
  • Stranger Than Fiction is like one of my favorite movies. I’m watching it now.
  • I’m hungry and I’m contemplating taking myself out to eat. I haven’t had a “me” date since last month. It may be time.

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I want to make him feel guilty for acting the way he was acting today because it ultimately made me feel bad too but I know its not so much his fault. Gotta let the man feel. Its only fair.

But still. Its just like…really? Ugh.

I think I will be passive aggressive for at least another hour.

And I don’t even care.

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